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Thank you for reminding us about these dipwads and often genuinely evil people who claim to be on our side of the fence. We must denounce them and reject them as utterly unacceptable.

And good for Ted Cruz, who isn't particularly likeable, for calling out the Uganda law. I am, like many readers of this blog, against the extremes in the LGBTQ agenda taking place now but do think gay people ought to be free to be openly gay, safe from any harassment or violence, as is the situation in this country, and as the U.S. we ought to object to laws like those in Uganda.

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I think Ted should have denounced the aggravated homosexuality part. Can we all agree we are against that. I like that Ted tried to stick up for homosexuals. I am not against them. I am against this Queer Marxism BS.

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"How to Control People"

You need to "Set up the Conditions"

this is very important, "Look, look what's happening here!"

1st think about your "Conditions" it must exacerbate people's fears and uncertainty.

2nd Then deliver an enemy that they can blame for their uncertainty and their fear.

This is how you get attention, so you can move into that position of power.

By weaponizing (Vulnerability) (Fear) and (Uncertainty), you can get people really divided and rattled.

For the (Cheery) on top!

Then: you deliver on a golden platter an Enemy, that they can blame for their pain!

Both sides are doing the same ...

by seeing this ... you are walking with eyes wide open (NOT shut). You see the real hell on this plain of existence and we must sort through the BS to find the real truth.

AKA (Socialism Saturday) I want to go back to sleep but I must keep going.

And don't forget you have to Repeat over and over and over.

to brake the mind virus we all have ...

Karlyn sorry you have to be the one pulling up the door matt showing us all the dirty truth of what we walk on or just walk on by ..

This is why you are getting attacked so much..

You are right I need to get off my ass and start helping you out more.

From a quote from "Dune" the sleeper is awake" :)

But for now I still need my "Weirding Module"...

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I don’t call them “woke” because that word has connections to the Black experience. BUT there is absolutely an authoritarian elite on the right using the language of Christianity and the Second Amendment without accuracy or context.

As a Christian myself (not a nationalist), I am disturbed and infuriated by these power hungry men who give all Jesus followers a bad name.

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It makes me uncomfortable those 33percent of gay men are pedophiles remarks. Where the fuck did that number come from? I'm not a pedo. Neither are any gay men I know. But that number is out there for people to believe.

I'm a 90's kid and can remember fearing that I would grow up to be like that because of hearing those opinions on TV. Did they forget the 90s and how asshole they were when the media was on their side? When Christianity was openly displayed on almost every channel?

I agree, if I have to choose between the left, or the right, I'll choose the left. I, once again, hate the fucking right.

I really appreciate what Ted Cruz tweeted.

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