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Yes and yes! Glad to hear the emphatic suggestion for states to pull out of THIS ALA enterprise. Talk about political siding. Emily needs to be undermined of her influence and position before she causes more damage to publicly funded libraries. Pull the funding. Carnegie is ‘turning over in the grave.’ Most people have no idea. Thank you Karlyn for revealing the truth.

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She is A LOT

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Thanks for peeling back the ALA onion layers, Dr. K!!

Just discovered an ALA partner, EveryLibrary. A quick read shows they adopted Emily's "activist" verbiage & many of the terms we heard during the stream. From their "Values, Vision & Mission:"

"3. We will continue to build a unique and extensive network of Americans who believe in the power of libraries to change lives and build communities, and who are ready to become advocates and activists for libraries."

One of their staff members is a social worker - Mmm..

Here's the link to their upcoming to webinar, "Revolutionizing Library Management with Health in All Policies." It will be recorded


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