I think this is an example of how dangerous it is to transition children. The focus is not on accepting themselves and loving their bodies but telling them there is something wrong with them. Children are too vulnerable to understand what is happening or to fight back.

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I have wonder that frequently as I read these stories. Why are we not teaching unconditional acceptance in schools?

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Has anyone read My Body is Me, a children's book celebrating biological sex?

If you have, could you give me a short review? I'm thinking of buying copies for my local library.

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Oh my God. Proud of these parents for taking action. Hopefully they win their case. Let us know how we can help.

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The link below is to a vid of the author of My Body is Me reading her book.

The linked site is transgender trend, an extremely good UK website fighting the trans agenda in education.

There is also a book for preteens and teens, Sex and Gender: an introductory guide, which is advertised in the website's shop.


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I shudder when I read stories like this.

I quit teaching almost five years ago-remember Red for Ed Arizona?

Now, is anyone still talking about the shecession? Hello! That's me!

I worked for AZ elections for 3 months, then got fired when I caught covid. That's when my ten year old said she wanted to be a boy. Initially, I didn't know how to respond when friends and other parents were affirming whatever she wanted to be. That was a phase, and I'm glad I've had the last seven months to obsess about gender identity. Read "Hold Onto Your Kids" if you are going through this with your child.

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