"Oh yeah, awesome ,

Thank you for shearing.

For sure,

GSA is so awesome,

You can do a little snack pot luck, when students do good .. we are all 5 years old here."

This is what I hear .. they all sound alike, a recording comes out of there mouth is the same words..

And don't forget they are winning, sigh......

It's like hearing a fan in the background, white noise to help you go to sleep when the summer is so hot.

Maybe that's it's a way to hypnotizes themselves?

and others...

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PetSmart ? ? ?

My future response to their nice little question during checkout about making a donation...Hell No!

Apparently it's not the animals that will benefit from those donations. 😖

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Lots of big names in that sponsor list, including banks.

Of course, they would never have an interest in who might become the next POTUS, eh?

But one thing for sure, there is a bonafide hurry-up drill going on to cover as much territory as possible.

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One good thing to come from the target stuff ... awareness to this org.

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I just bought a pair of New Balance sneakers. Why? Because they're the only American- made sneakers you can find and now I find out they're part of a horrible problem that's slowly killing our children's souls.

Damn it to hell, I'm angry.

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Another great piece Karlyn.

I mentioned this on your chat today.

"Will the masses take endless, myopic victory laps over an anemic mea culpa by Target, or will there finally be a collective resolve to crush these companies - that have no problem using YOUR money, to indoctrinate and mentally/physically damage your kids?"

Our reaction, to these companies actions, is always impotent. Lot's of smoke but no fire. It's like saying, "well we caught the child molester and he said he would toss out all his kiddy porn, so problem fixed...no need to send him to jail, oh and we invited him to the church youth potluck, now that we taught him a lesson.

The other thing that many will unsurprisingly miss or gloss over, is that these groups of kids (all around the country) are being trained as the future radical, organizer, activists. This is part of the progressives' long game and as usual, we are oblivious to it. These kids will hit the streets in a few years, as the trained and experienced (they are negotiating with teachers) and networked foundation, of the progressive globalists - for the next 40 or more years - their life times.

All you who keep saying/thinking this movement and others like it - to include transhumanism - will fizzle out when the major players fade away, are sitting in a pitch black room, with sunglasses on. These kids WILL be the major players. The ones carrying those and other movement along, for decades. The activism they are being trained to conduct - doing their internship in their own schools - is like an MBA. They can go apply those skill sets in any movement, anywhere, anytime.

We have to understand your enemy, if you're to have the slightest chance of surviving ideologically - as a society. As it stands now, we're willfully turning a blind eye, so long as we get the manufactured apology - one that's juuuust good enough to appease the masses and keep them from looking any deeper.

"End of May - Black Friday sale anyone?? Candles, air fryers and M&M 80% off...come on in, we took down that mean old queer stuff, you win. Now lets be friends...here's a BOGO coupon on us"

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