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Unofficial proofreader reporting for duty...🫡

#1 "I define woke as authoritarian. Yes, that means to be actively unwoke is to be actively authoritarian."

Should that be 'actively UNauthoritarian' ?

Also in #7 you say "the books you're banning and...are the problem."

Should that be the books you're

banning and...are NOT the problem?

(I only mention things that may matter, not simple _tyops_ 😉)

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Conference there for English Language Arts Teacher Education July 2023 theme: Centering Hope and Organizing for Justice. Unflippingbelievable, but not surprising.

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This is a very good summary. I think the white supremacy point is something many of us are confused by. I’ve been called one offline and didn’t understand it because I’m not white. This is very important for people to know. Thank you. I will watch the stream.

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Get the roots not the leaves

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