I was thrown out of Liberty Union Party for refusing to endorse lies. I insisted that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. I engaged in online discussions concerning puberty blockers and the erosion of Women's Sports.

I have quite some stories to tell about the anarcho/Marxist "movement" in VT and its links elsewhere.

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I'd love to learn more.

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Might I have a direct email? I understand if you're reluctant.

I do correspond sporadically with Guy Page.

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activelyunwoke (a) gmail.com

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My first go-round was in 1981 when I was junior in high school. In English class we were assigned to write letters to local businesses to ask them to pass our school levy. I asked if I could write a letter against passing, and was told no. When I got home I wrote to the local newspaper and said these letters were required and there was an inherent conflict of interest. Before school the next day I got two phone calls of support from local businesses, but at school I was a pariah. A couple students told me they agreed when no one was looking. Only my beloved Chemistry teacher treated me the same (He lived his Christian faith, I was agnostic at best at the time. Best example ever) When I asked to leave a year early and go to trade school with transferring credits so I could graduate, they were overjoyed to get rid of me. This is nothing new. They also taught us how to get abortions without our parents finding out and that birth control and sexual activity were standard with no negative consequences. We learned that 10% of our fellow students were gay. Good times.

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I admire your bravery and activism. You are making a difference. But we all need to step up too, and fast. We’re running out of time.

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Very inspiring and a good reminder that doing/saying hard things will become not so hard with practice!

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"Woke can exist on the left, and it can exist on the right. It’s not exclusive to the far-left progressives - conservatives can act just as woke as their liberal counterparts, engage in the same cancel culture, the same bullying, the same smear tactics, the same campaigns to deplatform and silence people they disagree with."

This is where the definition put forth in the newsletter begins to creak at the seams. It's simple and elegant, but perhaps too limited, IMO.

It makes sense if you start the sentence like this: "Authoritarianism can exist on the left, and it can exist on the right. ..."

But it's not adequate. Woke implies a lot of other things, and the religion/ideology has some actual content that just cannot be reduced to authoritarianism. Even if every single one of them ARE authoritarians.

If a bunch of Republicans storm into a school and throws that drag queen out, dollar bills flying in all directions (them being put in the drag queen's thong minutes earlier as the children were goaded into putting them there) ... that can't be called woke. Litmus test: if going all Jesus on the peddlers of smut was woke the woke would support it, right?

Woke is neo-Marxism that picked up post modernism along the way and consolidated it all into its most recent hydra head that they call "woke", or Critical Social Justice.

The reason woke invariably turns authoritarian is that the word "woke" signifies that these people believe they have some sort of revelatory - or gnostic - insight into the really real reality of things, a glimpse of the Divine if you will.

If you have special knowledge, while everyone else is wasting away in Plato's cave, it gives you the mandate to lord your superior gnosis-knowledge (or Gnowledge) over those inferior beings on the lower rungs of consciousness. In mythical language they're the mages in their mage's towers weaving their magic on the surrounding population.

Their special knowledge - as they see it - also operates in a Hegelian/Marxist context that primes it for authoritarianism. Namely the "master slave dialectic", or Marxist conflict theory. They see everything as oppressors vs. the oppressed (Capitalists vs. Workers ... Normal vs. Queer ... Men vs. Women ... Whites vs. Blacks), and the morality of their religion tells them that the oppressed are the morally superior. Which is why someone oppressed may gain so-called Lived Experience ... meaning he was oppressed and because he sees everything in the way of the master-slave dialect he has attained some level of gnostic insight into reality/the divine.

Now we can get to how the "Right Wing Woke" looks. See, the only point of contention between the Woke and the Nazis is this: the Nazis felt that the strong, superior, oppressors were the morally superior. So Germany should just be strong and lord it over the rest of them, ushering in the 1000 year Reich.

Marxists, Socialists and Communists are placed on the Left, while Nazis and Fascists are placed on the Right. But those two groups grew from the same Hegelian mold. In mythical terms you could say the dominant Western ideas especially as centered around Christianity and invidivualism would the adherents of God while all those others are more like the followers of Lucifer. That's sort of the "religiuos war" going on here.

Hegel prior to them operationalized the Dialectic. However out of him grew two branches of thought.

On the one side was the New Hegelians. Karl Marx was one such New Hegelian, and from him came Socialism and Communism. They could be called Left progressives.

On the other side were the Old Hegelians that would eventually give us National Socialism (Nazism) and Fascism. They could be called Right Progressives.

Both branches had Utopian visions. Both as is apparent in the names were explicitly Socialist/collectivist in essence.

To quote a Peter Hitchens article:

"“What unsettled him,” writes Boyd, “was the fact that those who stood most naturally on the right—lawyers, doctors, industrialists and so on—were the very ones who most bitterly denounced National Socialism. Far from being a bulwark against Communism, they complained, it was itself communism in disguise” [my emphasis].

De Rougemont recounted: “They pointed out that only workers and peasants benefited from Nazi reforms, while their own values were being systematically destroyed by devious methods. They were taxed disproportionately, their family life had been irreparably harmed, parental authority sapped, religion stripped and education eliminated.”

A lawyer’s wife complained to him, “Every evening my two children are taken over by the Party.” This experience was not all that different from what was happening at the same time to the children of Soviet parents. The Nazis, being utopian fanatics more concerned with the future than the present, were prepared to pay quite a high price for taking over the minds of the young. As Thomas Mann’s daughter Erika pointed out in her excoriating book on the subject, School for Barbarians, the quality of education was gravely damaged under the Hitler regime, which (as left-wing regimes also often do) promoted or protected bad but politically acceptable teachers, and polluted the teaching of all arts and historical subjects. It believed it was more urgent to teach the young what to think than to show them how to think.

Hitler himself taunted his opponents for their powerlessness against him. They might rage at him as much as they liked, but “When an opponent declares ‘I will not come over to your side’ I say calmly ‘Your child belongs to us already . . . What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing but this new community.’”"

Source: https://www.firstthings.com/web-exclusives/2019/09/hitler-the-progressive

Yes, they saw Nazism as Communism in disguise. How much clearer does this need to be?

And read that last part again: overtaxed, reduced parental authority, anti-religious and taking control of education to do the Party's bidding.

Who wants to tax the rich, who wants to keep the grooming between the children and teachers and who took over education through Paulo Friereian methods? Who grooms the children into their new "family" in order to separate them from the parents, because they think it's necessary to break the cycle of oppression. The Woke on ALL accounts.

Because with superficial differences put aside they're the same frigging thing, because they think in the exact same way.

Which is why the Left-Right divide often comes up short too.

The core of Western civilization that has made us successful and which was the force OPPOSING all of Communism, Socialism, National Socialism (Nazism) and Fascism (Corporatism) has one defining feature that sets it apart from the Hegelian ancestry: individualism.

There is a core on the Right that is all about the individual, libertarianism essentially, but Communism, Fascism and Nazism are all COLLECTIVIST ideologies. Here you worship the collective and as in any CULT there's the great leader who has the special Gnowledge and thus can express The Will of the People.

Insofar that someone of the Right turns predominantly collectivist in outlook ... they easily turn authoritarian like all those Hegelians offspring. It's why such people are OLD Hegelians: it comes from the identity politics that nobility has a right to rule over the unwashed masses, which is to say it's the dominant or hegemonic existing culture. There's a great line about that in chapter 13 of "Lady Chatterley's Lover" where Clifford expresses his belief how he is entitled to rule the lower classes. Or just watch the movie.

The individualist "Right" ideology, classic liberalism/libertarianism, has done very little in terms of genocide and world wars for a long time because of this libertarian/classic liberal bent. It's this line of thought that has for a long time opposed the Hegelian children, whether these fall on the Left or Right Hegelian branches.

Another way of looking at it is this: Going further back than Hegel it becomes apparent that the tradition he was a part of comes from a mishmash of Hermeticism, gnosticism and Alchemy. That's a heresy or occult tradition that's been in competition with Christianity here in the West.

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You're only here to make excuses for your tribe, trying to find any way to rationalize your enemies being the bad ones.

You're no different than them. Conservatives are just as woke as progressives. The left is only more dangerous because they have power. If conservatives were in power, they would be just as dangerous.

You will not gaslight people here.

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...and accusations of "gaslighting"?!? Do you even know what gaslighting means? Ah nevermind, you're not going to engage in civil, rational debate. You obviously just want to call me names, impute malice to me and attack me personally instead of engaging like a normal person with my arguments.

What does that make you?

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Remember: what can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.

How disappointing.

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Karlyn....here is an article I shared on my Substack on Monday. GMO "Humans": EctoLife: Concept Unveiled for the World’s First Artificial Womb Facility - https://anamihalceamdphd.substack.com/p/the-matrix-is-here-gmo-humans-ectolife?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

And of course the government will decide who can and cannot receive one of these lab grown babies.

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"I’m nothing special."

Yes you are!

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Thanks for sharing, Karlyn!

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Ms. Borosenko, I'm regarded as an almost crank. My health is bad due to inadequate living arrangements. Additionally, I'm aware of so very many intertwining threads that it's difficult to tie things together in limited space and time. You also seem to perceive just how pervasive, sinister, and dangerous the present situation is.

Is there any way that I might directly email you?


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