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Thanks for your hard work

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Jan 30, 2023Liked by Karlyn Borysenko

Your response to the Tyre Nichols situation was already running through my mind before I read your Actively Unwoke article. Tim Pool was reacting/REEEEEing (with his regular panel and guest) about the Van Jones op-ed piece, confused about the race of the cops and the “how in the world?” could Jones and leftists possibly accuse black cops of being a byproduct of white supremacy. Tim kinda/sorta gets close to the ideology of the woke left being the driving force of Van Jones’s narrative, but he falls short in the end of saying “capitalism” and really nailing the core belief. Your response to Jesse Kelly is brilliant and so simply put in an effective way, and the way the responses you received back are such a clear and obvious sign that the majority on the right DON’T GET IT. they react with dumbfoundedness and defensive, triggered language without taking a deep breath and listening to the ideology and lens through which these people are truly viewing the world and, specifically, our society. Thank you for your work and for your measured responses, Karlyn. I will continue to support you because of your approach and because of your principles. I wish the time difference (I am a middle school/high school teacher in Hong Kong) didn’t make it so difficult to attend all of your live streams, and I have yet to attend a private Zoom, but I’ll get there. Keep up the good work. I’m learning a great deal from you. Cheers.

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